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To bake an elegant and large pie is not an easy task, requiring skill, patience and time. Fortunately, housewives no longer need to stand for hours at the stove and watch the dough, as well as wonder if all guests like the filling. All you have to do is select the pies, call one of the contact numbers and place an order.

Why should you order Stolle pies?

  • First, tasty pies are baked here.

Any city dweller who at least once visited one of the capital's cafes will agree with this. Every time you go there, you think: what to choose from the proposed variety? What to prefer — a pie with a rabbit, porcini mushrooms, salmon, cabbage, meat, spinach? Or please yourself with sweet fillings: lingonberries, raspberries, cherries, apples? And now you don’t want to leave the cafe at all: the amazing aroma of warm and fresh pastries tempts you to stay and order another piece for tea. Perhaps this time with cottage cheese.

  • Secondly, Stolle bakers bake pies according to secret recipes and never spare the toppings.

It is not for nothing that from ancient times they say that a good person is a well-fed person. Believe, at your holiday table, the main decoration of which will be a pie, only the kindest and most loving people will gather. The memories of this evening will remain for a long time, because they will be filled only with warm emotions. Thanks to the secret recipe, all-natural ingredients and an abundance of toppings, Stolle pies will appeal to everyone.

  • Thirdly, each Stolle pie is baked with warmth and love.

Skillful bakers follow old recipes and languish pies in the oven for a long time so that the filling is juicy and the dough — with a fragrant crust! Therefore, each time you have a real homemade cake that just asks for a loving family to gather around it.

  • Fourth, you can order any pie — and it will be delivered directly to the address.

After all, baking such a culinary masterpiece at home is simply unreal! But to order this piece of art, over which the masters worked long and patiently, is simple. Call the indicated numbers — and a hot cake in the heat of heat will be on your table.

  • Fifth, Stolle pies are the best solution for congratulating your loved ones.

Are you going to visit your loved ones? Instead of a banal cake, give them a sweet pie! Does your colleague have a birthday? Instead of sandwiches and slices, treat yourself to Stolle pies, ordering them directly to the office. Do you want to please your family? Just bring the cake for dinner and share your impressions of the day spent with a piece of cake.

Stolle: ‘Bake with warmth and love!’

I stopped today in Stoll with a reservation. Served clearly and quickly. Very nice and friendly seller. I’ll appeal again, thanks!
Today I stopped in Stolle, placed an order for delivery and bought a try Stollet rum. I didn’t eat anything tastier! It's just some kind of madness! Soft, soaked in syrup, with candied fruit, just melts in your mouth! I rarely praise pastries, but I just can't resist it! Divine!
Today I decided to spend my lunch in a cozy Stolle restaurant, since I work nearby and this restaurant is within walking distance. I was pleasantly surprised. The cake was very tasty and fresh, as they say in the heat of the heat! The dough is moderately sweet, which emphasizes the taste of the filling. Delicious! The institution itself is cozy, there are tables, you can sit in a cafe with a cup of coffee or tea with your favorite cake. I was pleased with everyone! I’ll come more often.
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Минск, Kozlova st., 8
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Komarovka, Pulihova
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